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Style frame - 'Juno' by Shadowplay Studio

When you are asked to pitch a project idea you don’t put the cart before the horse. You need to give your client a taste of what your idea is and what it will look like before you go on and create storyboards, animatics (rough animation) and eventually a final piece. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a finished motion piece and if your client doesn’t even like the concept from the beginning that would be A LOT of wasted time.

A style frame illustrates your visual concept. It is a snapshot like one frame from a movie reel. You start with one style frame and then, as you develop your story, you create more of them. Your style frames can even be imported into your After Effects project in layers that you can animate so half of the work is already done when you create them!

Last week you created a swipe collection which is a great way to get inspiration for an idea or general theme before you visualize it in a style frame.

This week you were asked to create one style frame for a project about your idea of  ‘Home’ or your ‘Hometown’. The final project will be a 15-20 second “Video Postcard” that illustrates this concept.

Your style frame should be in wide screen format: 1280 pixels x 720 pixels.

It should be printed out so that you can pin it to the wall for a class critique.

Consider what type of imagery you will use. What will the text say? What font will it be in? What colors will you use? Will you use photography, illustration or video? Or a combination of the three? What style of illustration or graphics will you use?  Put a taste of all of this into your one initial styleframe.

Here is the pdf presentation about style frames with some examples:  StyleFrames

Here is the assignment: MotionGraphics-Spring12_Proj1-Ass2

Here is a website for a conference all about Style Frames and the Art of the Pitch:

Another good site for some style frame and storyboard inspiration is:

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